To me, hothouse is family. My daughter and husband started coming and I witnessed them opening up and growing. As much as I wanted to come, I was nervous to start and put myself out there. Being in poses that I didn’t understand when my body was so tight and uncomfortable sounded like a horrible idea! But day after day, class after class, I watched them changing. I saw a more gentle side emerging. More compassion, curiosity and love. They would share stories, talk about their progress and teach each other adjustments or moves they learned. It was like they were immersing themselves into a culture and language that I didn’t understand. When my daughter started teaching and I saw what joy it brought her to have my husband in class, I couldn’t miss out any longer. Now I see and feel everything they had experienced. I am on my own journey, at my own pace, but am never alone. This community and studio has brought our family so much closer as we have learned to be patient and to let go. We’ve learned to ask questions and to not take things so personally. Hothouse Yoga - this is truly a love letter to you as you broke open my daughter, softened my husband and have helped me get over so many fears. 

We love you,
— Jan K.

Dear Darling Hothouse Yoga,

Thank you. Thank you for helping me find myself when all I could see was darkness.

Thank you for revealing to me what I sought out in so many other toxic dependencies and people: absolute happiness, joy, and blissful content.

Thank you for being the bright light in my life, the very thing I look forward to every day.

Thank you for never judging, always meeting me on my mat. Where I am.

Thank you for surrounding me with teachers who are so passionate about illuminating the light in every yogi and sharing their experience, mastery, energy, compassion, and enthusiasm with all beings.

Most of all, thank you for creating a space, a family, a tribe, that no matter where the universe takes me this life or the next I will forever call home.

All my love
— Melissa M.

Hothouse Yoga,  

Where do I even begin. I am incredibly grateful for the space and the people who fill it. You are like a loyal friend. Always there for me, in good times, sad times, okay times and bad times, with open arms and without judgement. I’ve cried and laughed. The impossible have become possible. I’ve met life long friends and shared you with my family. You were there for me during breakups and throughout my pregnancy. All the highs and all the lows, Hothouse yoga has been a constant force in my life for the last 4 years. I can’t remember my life before you and don’t want to imagine it without you.  Iowa city and coralville are so lucky to have this studio. It’s a second home to me and to so many others. Thank you, Maureen, for creating a welcoming and safe place. Thank you to all the incredible instructors, you make me a better teacher, yogi and person. Thank you to the wonderful people who show up everyday to share their breath and their engergy. I bow to each and everyone one of you. 

All my love. 
— Linds M

I love HHY because you make me breathe, feel free and calm my mind with a body mind connection.  I’d say my favorite is the extreme heat of the outdoors and the extreme cold of outdoors being inside in the sanctuary of HHY!

— Sandra C, Yogini

In honor of HHY 15 years, I’ve written these five haikus from the heart. 



noun: haiku; plural noun: haikus; plural noun: haiku

A Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world. 

Vinyasa today

Mysore – if that is your thing

Friendship every day


Yogi instructors

Variety and talent

Namaste my friends


Yoga palindrome

“An Asana” either way

Is “An Ansana”


Love Hot House Yoga

Let me count the many ways

Ekah, dvau, tri


Hot House Yoga is

Community and Friendship

Namaste my friend
— Jerry P.

It is hard for me to believe this now, but at one time, I didn’t think yoga was for me!  Truly, I had never given yoga a thought.  I can still remember my first class; it was a Friday in March 2016.  I went “just to give it a try”.  I remember finishing the class and thinking to myself, I could get into this!  So glad I stuck with it!

At first, attending HHY classes was more about fitness, as if it was just like going to a gym.  Overtime, however, I came to understand yoga as so much more.  Now, I need yoga more for my mental fitness than the physical aspect, and truly, more than two days away from HHY and I’m a mess!  Even while on vacation, I purposely seek out accommodations near yoga studios.  My yoga mat is quite the traveler.

I love the sense of community at HHY!  There are times when I don’t know a single name of a fellow yogi in class, but because we share the same space, there is a mutual respect and general appreciation for every person attending.  Each person can practice to his/her ability.  We are all encouraged to make it “our own”.  Also, love love love our teachers!  Thanks for your encouragement and making yoga fun.

Hugs & ommmms
— Carin V.

I came to Hothouse Yoga in the summer of 2014 looking for another way my teenage daughter and I could build a stronger connection. What I found was a way for me to connect with myself. I started running many years ago to process my external world and through Hothouse I am practicing ways to process my internal world. I am so grateful for the balance yoga has brought to my life.  

Thanks so much! 
— Sonja R.

When I first moved to Iowa City, I came to HHY because I am a sucker for hot yoga. However, I stayed because of the community and the people. I was beyond impressed when Maureen remembered my name and small details from our conversations such as where I was originally from, etc. All of the instructors are knowledgable, confident, and fabulous! I know I am guaranteed a great practice that will both relax and destress me but also push my limits and challenge me to be a better yogi. I truly feel at home at HHY and will miss the other students and the instructors when I leave Iowa City after graduate school!” 

Thank YOU for being the best at what you do. There is no place like HHY! 
— Elizabeth L.